U Dessert Story => Best Dessert In the Bay

"They say weekend calories don't count! I totally agree with this quote as I have the opportunity to visit the U: Dessert Story location in San Francisco - the most iconic Asian desserts place in the Bay Area. In fact, this is the prettiest-looking dessert place around!

Since it was Halloween, I started my dessert story off with the special item on the menu, the Monster Toast! The decoration on this dessert was top notch and it fits the decor perfectly for Halloween. I absolutely love the strawberry puree on it. To my surprise, the eyeballs were edible chocolate balls too. This would be a popular dessert to share amongst kids as it is made of rich ingredients such as chocolate ice cream, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey, Snickers, and Oreo! The next item we ordered was the Organic Hojicha Bingsoo, Korean snow ice with brownie bites, crispy chocolate rice, dark syrup, and boba. Did I mention the dark syrup? Yum! This snow ice was shaved so finely that it melts in your mouth. A spoonful of this shaved ice creates a tiny explosion in your mouth as it was so smooth to consume and it was rich with Hojicha flavor! I was on cloud nine. Absolutely, delicious. I cannot wait to return to try the other Bingsoo flavors. We ordered the Dangho Combination which includes homemade strawberry puree, crispy strawberry, and Mitarashi Dangho which is a mochi ball glazed with sweet soy sauce topped with Bonito Flakes. The unsweetened organic matcha was a perfect pairing for both the strawberry puree and crispy strawberry Dangho.  I saved room in my stomach for the last dessert, the Young Coconut Pandan Crepe Cake. Pandan is also known as screwpine leaves or vanilla grass and it is the vital ingredient in every dessert in South East Asia. I am a big fan of Pandan and this dessert definitely hit the spot. The 18 layers on this crepe cake are done to perfection, absolutely spectacular. The pairing with the homemade young coconut sauce was very complimentary. This dessert was light, refreshing, and tasteful. I will be back to order a full cake for my birthday soon! Thank you, Hype Experiences for arranging this media visit to U: Dessert Story!"

Hype Experiences, Wern Cheen Chang